Saturday, 29 January 2011

Back pain and pay day!

Plan was today to nip over to Stockport to buy supplies to make some hair accessories then go out with the hubster this evening.

Well...change of plan, woke up totally late and decided to go for lunch with Chris then nip off for supplies. After lunch something went in the muscles in my lower left back, behind my hip. This happens fairly often (a side effect they don't let you know about with weight loss), so now I'm on the sofa, dosed up with anti-inflammatories and ibuprofen gel! ho hum.

So, will head to Stockport tomorrow morning before I head off to see the mother-ship and father-ship and go to the wedding fayre at The Hundred House Hotel in Shropshire (a quite possible wedding venue).

Yesterday was pay day, hurrah hurrah and hurray! So, I treated myself to 2 little presents from Urban Outfitters...the coolest headphones ever, a pair of Spitfire R2 in white and baby pink, much love! And a suh-weeeet tee by Boy London with the GOD that is Andy Warhol on it.

(although my nan asked me why it said 'Roy' on it...wounded).

So, off for weddinggy stuff with the mother-ship tomorrow, will be nice to see the family - and hopefully get something sorted! Hubster's off to Kent for the week so I'll have plenty of time to organise!

Right, off to get ready for cocktails once the anti-inflammatories have worn off!


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My own big fat wedding

Just catching up on Big Fat Gypsy Weddings on 4OD. Everyone at work has been raving about it for a week now! WOW! It's absolutely unbelievable! It's not the wedding dresses and age of the brides and grooms that is getting me, it's the kids at their communions - spray tans, sexual dancing and miniskirts at 6 years of age is troubling viewing.

No news on my own big fat wedding this week, it's been a slow one as I've been in London with work for 2 days and Chris is rushed off his feet at the moment. My mum and I are going to look at a possible wedding venue on Sunday so will update on that then.

I've been to the Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren head offices the past 2 days to view AW'11 ranges - sounds a lot more glam than it actually is (although Ralph Lauren have waiter services in their showroom which is pretty darn cool!).

Speaking of my fat wedding, I'm getting slightly closer to having a thin wedding after tonight's weigh-in (did you see what I did there? I know, smooth). 1lb loss tonight, followed by the weekly take away of course!

On a complete segue, into the world of high street fashion (to celebrate pay day on Friday - yay!), I am just loving Topshop's Swedish Summer range for early SS'11 -

Any who, hopefully will have some more wedding news next week, and a possible venue! Now, off to find me a light up wedding dress!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Perfect Saturday

Today has been absolutely lovely - Lie in, coffee and cake with the hubby, a trip into Chorlton and sitting in the lounge watching TV...cooked a lovely Haddock with Leek and Lemon rice for tea.


I'm in London for work on Monday, and, once I get paid on Friday I can finally afford to buy supplies to make some beautiful bridal hair accessories, how very exciting!


Friday, 21 January 2011

'Tensions high' this week

Right, better start where I left off - teeny, tiny, small, wee, insignificant, microscopic gain at Weight Watchers this week - 0.5lbs, it's nothing really (she tells herself). I'm back on it with a vengeance now though - it's on like Donkey Kong!

I really have let the weight loss slip since we got engaged in September, I don't weigh more than I did then, but I barely weigh less! Call me crazy but I've found looking at wedding dresses is far more fun than not eating a chocolate bar!

I'm well and truly back in to it this week and really hoping for a good loss come next Wednesday.

Now, wedding update, having put behind the dramas of last week when we realised the one place we found that we both like (Chris and I have VERY different tastes) is waaaay above and beyond our budget this week has been a bit tense. Because my mum and dad offered their back garden we've now started to look at places in Shropshire to get married - I can't help but shake the feeling Chris really wants to get married in South Wales near his family.

After much 'not saying how we're feeling and hoping the other person is psychic' Chris and I finally discussed what we both wanted - we still haven't found a venue or even decided what region we want the wedding in but at least we both have an idea now of what we want. We're continuing to look in both regions and when we find 'the one' hopefully we'll know! We both knew when we found the right engagement ring so hoping for another Eureka moment!

Anyway, I think I've found a fantastic venue near my mum and dads so fingers crossed this one will work out!

Have a great weekend everyone.


Monday, 17 January 2011

Oops! Spoke too soon!

Blimey! How things have taken a turn in the last 2 days!

Having proudly announced to all and sundry that the wedding venue was sorted, Chris and I went through the T's & C's with a fine tooth comb and found a lot of extra costs that we hadn't bargained for (gutted! and what exactly is a tooth comb anyway?)

Just as we though we were going to have to spend the best part of a years salary on 1 day my mum and dad threw a spanner (or a life jacket) in the works. Mum and Dad moved out of the family home 2 years ago, letting it out having not been able to sell in the housing slump. Anyway, they told me that they will have to move back in order to sell the house next year so, they can move back in May 2012 and we can have the wedding reception that summer at the house, one last hurrah before saying goodbye to the house that has been our family home since 1989.

I'll be honest, it's been my dream to have my wedding reception at that house ever since I watched Father of The Bride when I was little - it's just a case of finding where to have the ceremony and to pull it all in together! I challenge that I could happily take on - I just need to talk to Chris about it first.

I am now running a very real risk of becoming a blog solely dedicated to all things wedding so I will comment briefly on the Chanel Pre-Fall collection AW 11 - my brief comment is "hummana humman hummana"! image 14 makes me drool on my keyboard.,10001#

Anyway, weigh-in in 2 days, will update then.

Laurs x

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wedding Update! (yaaaawn)

Ok, so Chris and I go out for coffee and cake pretty much every Sunday morning (it's about the only time in the week we get to sit down and talk without distractions).

We have our own little routine, each pay alternate weeks, small soya cappuccino and dairy free banana loaf for me, large cappuccino and whatever cake takes his fancy for Chris.

This week, Chris made the mistake of saying "why don't you bring your wedding planning book with us" - ok! So, over the usual order, I wrote a list of exactly what it takes to organise a wedding - Chris was a little shocked (I swear the guy thinks he can just rock up in a suit and have it all organised for him!).

So, having looked at venues over New Year (viewings organised by me, naturally!), we have both fallen in love with a hotel in South Wales called Coed-Y-Mwstwr (or Whispering Trees for those of us from East of the bridge!) - it's perfect, I never though I'd get married in a hotel, but it's small and intimate - plus just the right size to ensure our guests will hire out all the rooms and make it in to our own private hotel for the weekend!

We've finally got the first piece of the puzzle in place, the venue is booked and our wedding will take place on September 15th 2012 (it's very odd to know that that is going to be my anniversary for years to come!). So, now all we have to do is sort the registrar, ceremony, order of service sheets, flowers, outfits, food, wine, entertainment...........


Also, Wednesday is Weight Watchers weigh in night and weight loss this week was 3.5lbs! wooo! Having fallen off the wagon since we got engaged I'm nearly down to my lowest weight yet! Still a little way (or should that be weigh!) to go...but I'm pointing in the right direction.


Monday, 10 January 2011

knitting is my salvation!

Currently sat in a hotel in reading for realising that my 'career in fashion' is not quite where I wanted it to be at this point in my life (an admin job is an admin job whichever way up you look at it!)

Can't wait to get this business up and running! Aside from my lovely Chris, the only salvation at the moment is knitting! I took it up last year, even though I learnt when I was's so relaxing, I really do recommend it to anyone who's in need of a hobby!

There are plenty of sites on the web that offer free knitting patterns, just Google it. I also recommend signing up to


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year, New Everything!

So, 2010's come and gone and it really was a fairly pivotal year for me...having struggled with my weight since childhood I joined weightwatchers in March 2010 and, up until Christmas had lost just short of 3 stone (42lbs) - which I suspect I made a good dent in regaining over Christmas!
Then, in September 2010, September 10th to be precise, my lovely boyfriend became my lovely fiance!
So, I've kind of faltered on the weight loss since getting engaged but am going to get back on the wagon.

It's been a dream of mine for quite some time to have my own business designing, making (and hopefully selling) my own clothing and hair accessories - eventually the aim is to have my own shop but that's in the distant future!

So, 2011 - goals - plan a budget but totally rock n roll individual wedding, losing a further 20lbs to get to my goal weight and set up my online business and hopefully start selling.

Here goes! Should be fun!