Sunday, 22 May 2011

New job and no Rapture

Funny old week this week.

I've been casually perusing job websites for a while, going to a couple of interviews that I wasn't necessarily bothered about getting etc., I always tend to this when I have itchy feet in my current role. And boy have my feet itched for a while!

So, very end of last week I received a call from a recruitment agency that I have never registered with, about a job I have never applied for! Anyway, they got my details from an online job forum and thought I may be interested in the job. Sure was!

The role was working for Bench. in Manchester. I had an interview for them 2.5 years ago, got past the initial interview, and fell at the final stage, was absolutely gutted!

Anyway, I got a call on Friday and they loved me! I'll start working there mid June. So over the course of a week, I've gone from casually at best checking job websites to getting a new job and handing my notice in! Got a bit upset on Friday as I will miss my friends where I work now, but I'm starting to get excited!

On the wedding front, we've made quite a fair bit of progress...due in no small part that I have realised just how many tutorials you can find on You Tube! Will now be making the centrepieces and the bouquets, drawing the line at the wedding dress and cake!

I've found an amazing dress on Etsy and have ordered it to be made for me! Which has now spurred me on to get to goal because I've promised final measurements in August! (on a side note I now weigh the least I have done since starting Weight Watchers, so I'm well on the way!).

I am very scared about leaving the dress making to someone in the US who I have never met and not seeing the dress until it's here and made! (I had a dream the other night that the dress arrived and she'd made it in black and white patterned fabric! - eeeeek). But, I think it's what I'm going to have to do to get the perfect vintage style dress for me.

No rapture last night either, so that's good - although I haven't been outside yet so I'm half expecting a scene similar to Beetlejuice when they try to leave the house

We'll find out in a bit - I need to go out and buy toothpaste!

So, all in all, I'm very happy in my life at the moment. I'm not sure if it's a British thing but I'm expecting something to go wrong! Must repeat the mantra 'enjoy it now, enjoy it now'.

Laurs xxx