Thursday, 17 February 2011

Long time no Blog!

Wow! February really has sucked! So many dramas! Hence, so few blogs.

So, hopefully, fingers crossed, touch wood, and all that jazz we're over the worst.

Ok, so, onto the exciting business of hair accessories - I've ordered a job lot of Sinamay sheets. I've not used this material before but apparently it is the best fabric for making sturdy bases for fascinators and things. The material needs to be put into warm water and molded to the correct shape - I'm very excited to get practicing with it.

Wedding news, I think I've found a really good venue about 10 minutes drive from my mum and dad's - I took the hubster via there on our way home from South Wales on Tuesday and he seemed to like it (it was after hours so could only drive through the grounds). It's at the museum of iron at Coalbrookdale in Shropshire -
fab old Victorian factory buildings with large windows and not too much pomp and circumstance, which almost makes me break out in hives when I think about getting married in a country house!

So, all we need to do now is measure the back garden and we can get on with organising the reception at least! yaaaay!

Hopefully 2011 is going to start picking up really can't get any worse than February has been so far!


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

one thing after another this week...

What a terrible week it's been.

Hubster has had 2 unexpected deaths in his close family this week. I don't want to go into detail into his family's personal things so would just like to send my thoughts and love to all.

So after this news, my mum tells me my 90 year old grandmother has had a fall in the middle of the night at her nursing home and broken her thigh (I can hear you wincing from here). Drove down to Stafford to see nan on Saturday and have to admit I was expecting the worst. She has fairly advanced dementia and it's always hit or miss what kind of visit you're going to get. I was pleasantly surprised to find her awake in her hospital bed, colour in her face, and had a lovely chat with her. We decided it was probably going to have to be the end of her footballing career however. Sending lots of love to my nan.

So, Saturday we had planned to go and see Russell Howard at the M.E.N. - I had VIP tickets through work but hubster was down in South Wales with his family. I took along my friend Bex instead, who would fully admit that she doesn't understand comedy. My hopes weren't high! We arrived there and even though we were super far back, it was pretty darn cool to sit in a box with comfy chairs away from (as Bex named them) the plebs haha. Russell Howard was awesome, so funny and Bex really enjoyed it too! I was so pleased!

I've been off work for the past 2 days ill and have had numerous tests done today, which I will report back on at a later date depending on the results.

Having 2 days off work has allowed me to do some designs for some simple retro bridal fascinators which I will get supplies for tomorrow (time permitting), if not Thursday.

On a fashiony note I'd just like to point out my love for an Yves Saint Laurent blouse from the SS'11 collection, it's featured in this month's Vogue. I admit, it doesn't look anything exciting from the front but it has the most beautiful cutaway back (have a look in Vogue if you don't believe me!).

So, February has started so badly, I just hope that the family have incurred their entire bad luck quota for the year!

Fingers crossed! and here's to a better week! Love to the family.


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

How long is this week going to be?

Seriously, this week has lasted at least a month already!

Woke up Tuesday morning thinking it was Friday! Honestly! TUESDAY! I can understand Thursday, or even Wednesday feeling like Friday, but Tuesday?! So ever since I've felt I've been working overtime!

So, went to the wedding fayre at the Hundred House Hotel on Sunday and it was nice, the room was lovely that you get married in but I'm really not convinced we're going to be able to afford it.

It is so difficult to find different kinds of wedding venues in England due to strict laws on where and when you can get married, but it would appear even more difficult to find a nice place to just hold the ceremony with no reception. Honestly, it would seem that hotels would rather gamble on the possibility of getting a £7000 full reception booking than a definite £1000 from a couple who just want to get married!

So, we'll wait and see what comes of the Hundred House, see if we can negotiate a price! After delivering beautiful cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Cupcakery in Chorlton ( my Mum and I duly sampled some wedding cakes at the fayre (naturally!).

...and we may not have a venue, I may not have a dress, but I've totally found the cake supplier! and the winner is...(drum roll please!)...Queenie's Cupcakery in Ironbridge Shropshire (providing that we get married in Shropshire!) (

I first heard about Queenies a few weeks ago when they were featured on the beautiful Rock n Roll bride wedding blog ( and let me tell you, the victoria sponge that Mum and I tried was absolutely out of this world!

Last little wedding mention for this post, today I am loving a wedding story on Rock n Roll Bride which is absolutely how I want our wedding to be, featuring a couple called Jo and Olga... (

Ok ok, wedding wedding blah blah blah yaaaaaaawn.

Quick update on the weight loss (I'm sure you can guess how this is going to go judging by the overall cakey theme of this post!) I totally played truant for my weigh-in today (much cake and pizza were eaten this week and I wimped out - NOT what I would usually recommend). In my defence however I did walk 4.8 miles home today (according to google maps) to make up for it. So I really am good, honest I am...honest.

Well, that's about it for now - feels like one step forward, two back with the wedding plans at the moment so will hopefully have good news on a venue next time.