Tuesday, 8 February 2011

one thing after another this week...

What a terrible week it's been.

Hubster has had 2 unexpected deaths in his close family this week. I don't want to go into detail into his family's personal things so would just like to send my thoughts and love to all.

So after this news, my mum tells me my 90 year old grandmother has had a fall in the middle of the night at her nursing home and broken her thigh (I can hear you wincing from here). Drove down to Stafford to see nan on Saturday and have to admit I was expecting the worst. She has fairly advanced dementia and it's always hit or miss what kind of visit you're going to get. I was pleasantly surprised to find her awake in her hospital bed, colour in her face, and had a lovely chat with her. We decided it was probably going to have to be the end of her footballing career however. Sending lots of love to my nan.

So, Saturday we had planned to go and see Russell Howard at the M.E.N. - I had VIP tickets through work but hubster was down in South Wales with his family. I took along my friend Bex instead, who would fully admit that she doesn't understand comedy. My hopes weren't high! We arrived there and even though we were super far back, it was pretty darn cool to sit in a box with comfy chairs away from (as Bex named them) the plebs haha. Russell Howard was awesome, so funny and Bex really enjoyed it too! I was so pleased!

I've been off work for the past 2 days ill and have had numerous tests done today, which I will report back on at a later date depending on the results.

Having 2 days off work has allowed me to do some designs for some simple retro bridal fascinators which I will get supplies for tomorrow (time permitting), if not Thursday.

On a fashiony note I'd just like to point out my love for an Yves Saint Laurent blouse from the SS'11 collection, it's featured in this month's Vogue. I admit, it doesn't look anything exciting from the front but it has the most beautiful cutaway back (have a look in Vogue if you don't believe me!).

So, February has started so badly, I just hope that the family have incurred their entire bad luck quota for the year!

Fingers crossed! and here's to a better week! Love to the family.



  1. Your friend Bex sounds like a truly wonderful person. You must be so lucky and privaledged to be friends with her...

  2. She truly is, if only she could spell privileged she would be perfect