Thursday, 17 February 2011

Long time no Blog!

Wow! February really has sucked! So many dramas! Hence, so few blogs.

So, hopefully, fingers crossed, touch wood, and all that jazz we're over the worst.

Ok, so, onto the exciting business of hair accessories - I've ordered a job lot of Sinamay sheets. I've not used this material before but apparently it is the best fabric for making sturdy bases for fascinators and things. The material needs to be put into warm water and molded to the correct shape - I'm very excited to get practicing with it.

Wedding news, I think I've found a really good venue about 10 minutes drive from my mum and dad's - I took the hubster via there on our way home from South Wales on Tuesday and he seemed to like it (it was after hours so could only drive through the grounds). It's at the museum of iron at Coalbrookdale in Shropshire -
fab old Victorian factory buildings with large windows and not too much pomp and circumstance, which almost makes me break out in hives when I think about getting married in a country house!

So, all we need to do now is measure the back garden and we can get on with organising the reception at least! yaaaay!

Hopefully 2011 is going to start picking up really can't get any worse than February has been so far!


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