Thursday, 3 March 2011

Big Break Again...oops

Sorry! Been soooo busy recently...

So, my sinamay arrived and all I need now is a head to mould it against - of course I'm talking about a polystyrene head, not a real one...that would be madness. Can't wait! I've been doing lots of designs but, as with any business, I need money to buy initial supplies so it's getting a bit slow getting off the ground...

I've been getting really down about my weight loss (or lack of it) in the past few months - I've been lulling around the same weight since the beginning of September. My Weight Watchers group leader says "at least you know you can maintain!" but I just feel like saying "yeah, 1.5 stone too high!", I was beginning to think that I'd hit the weight I am meant to be, that's it for me, never destined to be a size 10/12! Was so pleased with a 1lb loss this week.
Oddly, it came as a great relief a few weeks ago when I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. This can explain the lack of weight loss, despite dieting. So, fingers crossed, I'll be dropping lbs again soon. It's not all bad though, I have lost 36lbs to date, which is a fair achievement. PLUS thyroid medication entitles me to free prescriptions - a-woot-tee-toot-toot!

Okey dokey, on to the wedding. We went to the vintage wedding fair in Harrogate on Sunday 27th Feb and it was fab, saw lots of beautiful vintage dresses. Unfortunately most of the beautiful dresses came with pretty ugly price tags.

It was so difficult looking at the dresses as well because hubster was with me - I felt like I couldn't point out the dresses I liked in case I gave him an idea of what kind of dress I am going to wear! Dresses aside, it was really nice to have a look at table decorations and all that boring stuff because I got an idea of what hubster likes (and shock horror, he doesn't completely hate all the things I like!). Plus we finished off our day in Harrogate with cream tea at Betty's tearoom which was fab - I was pretending to be posh while hubster repeatedly licked his knife in order to piss me off.

We've got a tour of the Coalbrookdale museum in Ironbridge on Saturday which I am VERY excited about! Hopefully, hope, hope, hope, we can sort out the venue and FINALLY set a date. Of course we shall also be sampling some delicious Queenie's cupcakes.

Of course the cakes and cream tea are Weight Watchers friendly! Honest!



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