Monday, 23 April 2012

Using my loaf (ho ho ho)

My other half is away this week so I thought I'd use the opportunity to cause some havoc in our small kitchen and make some bread.

I bought some Allinson's seed and grain bread flour for 80p (bargain), googled a simple bread recipe and set on my way - it's been a while since I made bread so I thought I'd ease myself in with something not too strenuous.

I really do love making bread as much for the delicious, fresh out of the oven, warm loaf you get at the end of it, as for the cathartic nature of kneading the dough. I have nothing against bread machines, especially for bakers who do find it difficult to knead the dough. I just find there's something very therapeutic about really knuckling in and giving the dough what really can release a lot of built up aggression!

After the dough had proved for the 2nd time I cut it into 5 pieces to make individual rolls. Naturally I couldn't make a simple bread without adding a little flounce to the presentation so I separated each of the 5 rolls into 3, rolled into 'sausage' shapes and plaited the dough together, then I folded each end of the dough underneath to create a round, rather intricate looking roll.

And the results speak for themselves...

(Believe me, they tasted super yummy too!)

The basic recipe can be found here

I made it a little more interesting by using the seed and grain flour and sprinkled with a few poppy seeds before baking.


I'm back!

So, it's been a while since my last post...having realised I was trying to cram far too many things into my previous incarnation I decided to have a think about what I really want to write about, what really spurs me on. And the answer is, I guess to sum it up, things I create!

I love making things, I'm big on knitting and drawing, but my absolute love and soul is in food. Especially baking.

So I've decided to use this blog as a tool to share what I create in my every day life as an aspiring 1950s housewife!