Sunday, 17 April 2011

Plans March on Apace

Quick update on the weight loss before I go on, have lost 5.5lbs in the past 2 weeks, so looks like the tablets have settled down a bit – splendid.

Having said that, as I’m writing this my belly is bulging, obviously not because I’ve fallen off the wagon (see previous sentence!), because hubster and I have been sampling some wedding cakes today! Hurrah.

What a fab day it’s been, glorious weather, mini road trip down to Shropshire (little pun there as we travelled in the mini) and two very productive meetings – if you can call them that, more like chatting with copious amounts of tea and cake!
First meeting was at Queenies Cupcakery in Ironbridge , we met up with Leanne, the wedding co-ordinator in the beautiful vintage and chintzy décor of Queenies. We were given tea served in a vintage tea pot and a selection of mini cupcakes to sample for the flavours! VERY me, not so much the hubster, although it has to be said, he very much enjoyed the free cakes! It was great; we’ve chosen to have a mix of flavours seeing as we’re looking at purchasing around 120 cakes! Had the quote done and it was very pleasing indeed!

So, after Queenies, we waddled back to the car feeling full to the brim to go and meet Bethan of Haywood Jones Photography . I’ve seen Bethans work on and have spoken to her a few times via email, was super excited because she sounded lovely via email. I certainly wasn’t disappointed! Bethan was absolutely lovely, and showed us all sorts of styles of photos we can have, she super flexible too and very open to ideas. Can’t wait to work alongside her to get some fab wedding images done…and if she can stop hubster smiling like a gimp when he gets a camera pointed in his face then she’s a miracle worker!

People keep telling me ‘gosh, aren’t you organised?’ seeing as the wedding isn’t until 11th August 2012, but I’m really eager to get the ‘big stuff’ out of the way so that I can get on to doing the creative fun stuff! I want to keep stress to a minimum approaching the big day – it will do nothing for my complexion for Bethans photographs! Haha

So excited on the way back to Manchester – we saw a Delorean on the motorway! I’ve never actually seen one in person – am now debating the practicalities of having a Delorean as a wedding car…hmm...

Laurs xxx

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