Monday, 17 January 2011

Oops! Spoke too soon!

Blimey! How things have taken a turn in the last 2 days!

Having proudly announced to all and sundry that the wedding venue was sorted, Chris and I went through the T's & C's with a fine tooth comb and found a lot of extra costs that we hadn't bargained for (gutted! and what exactly is a tooth comb anyway?)

Just as we though we were going to have to spend the best part of a years salary on 1 day my mum and dad threw a spanner (or a life jacket) in the works. Mum and Dad moved out of the family home 2 years ago, letting it out having not been able to sell in the housing slump. Anyway, they told me that they will have to move back in order to sell the house next year so, they can move back in May 2012 and we can have the wedding reception that summer at the house, one last hurrah before saying goodbye to the house that has been our family home since 1989.

I'll be honest, it's been my dream to have my wedding reception at that house ever since I watched Father of The Bride when I was little - it's just a case of finding where to have the ceremony and to pull it all in together! I challenge that I could happily take on - I just need to talk to Chris about it first.

I am now running a very real risk of becoming a blog solely dedicated to all things wedding so I will comment briefly on the Chanel Pre-Fall collection AW 11 - my brief comment is "hummana humman hummana"! image 14 makes me drool on my keyboard.,10001#

Anyway, weigh-in in 2 days, will update then.

Laurs x

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