Saturday, 29 January 2011

Back pain and pay day!

Plan was today to nip over to Stockport to buy supplies to make some hair accessories then go out with the hubster this evening.

Well...change of plan, woke up totally late and decided to go for lunch with Chris then nip off for supplies. After lunch something went in the muscles in my lower left back, behind my hip. This happens fairly often (a side effect they don't let you know about with weight loss), so now I'm on the sofa, dosed up with anti-inflammatories and ibuprofen gel! ho hum.

So, will head to Stockport tomorrow morning before I head off to see the mother-ship and father-ship and go to the wedding fayre at The Hundred House Hotel in Shropshire (a quite possible wedding venue).

Yesterday was pay day, hurrah hurrah and hurray! So, I treated myself to 2 little presents from Urban Outfitters...the coolest headphones ever, a pair of Spitfire R2 in white and baby pink, much love! And a suh-weeeet tee by Boy London with the GOD that is Andy Warhol on it.

(although my nan asked me why it said 'Roy' on it...wounded).

So, off for weddinggy stuff with the mother-ship tomorrow, will be nice to see the family - and hopefully get something sorted! Hubster's off to Kent for the week so I'll have plenty of time to organise!

Right, off to get ready for cocktails once the anti-inflammatories have worn off!


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