Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wedding Update! (yaaaawn)

Ok, so Chris and I go out for coffee and cake pretty much every Sunday morning (it's about the only time in the week we get to sit down and talk without distractions).

We have our own little routine, each pay alternate weeks, small soya cappuccino and dairy free banana loaf for me, large cappuccino and whatever cake takes his fancy for Chris.

This week, Chris made the mistake of saying "why don't you bring your wedding planning book with us" - ok! So, over the usual order, I wrote a list of exactly what it takes to organise a wedding - Chris was a little shocked (I swear the guy thinks he can just rock up in a suit and have it all organised for him!).

So, having looked at venues over New Year (viewings organised by me, naturally!), we have both fallen in love with a hotel in South Wales called Coed-Y-Mwstwr (or Whispering Trees for those of us from East of the bridge!) - it's perfect, I never though I'd get married in a hotel, but it's small and intimate - plus just the right size to ensure our guests will hire out all the rooms and make it in to our own private hotel for the weekend!

We've finally got the first piece of the puzzle in place, the venue is booked and our wedding will take place on September 15th 2012 (it's very odd to know that that is going to be my anniversary for years to come!). So, now all we have to do is sort the registrar, ceremony, order of service sheets, flowers, outfits, food, wine, entertainment...........


Also, Wednesday is Weight Watchers weigh in night and weight loss this week was 3.5lbs! wooo! Having fallen off the wagon since we got engaged I'm nearly down to my lowest weight yet! Still a little way (or should that be weigh!) to go...but I'm pointing in the right direction.


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